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Who is Boegli?

Francois Boegli, the visionary behind the wonderous Boegli watches came from a family that practised watchmaking. However, what set him apart was his passion for both watchmaking and classical music.

Francois Boegli set out to create a statement piece for those with a refined taste. With a wide range of classical music pieces as options for Boegli’s magnificent creations, it is a privilege to own a Boegli musical pocket watch.

Their creations, namely the pocket watches, are delicate and vintage looking. Despite such a traditional concept of a pocket watch, there is another legacy which Boegli adheres to, hand assembling of their watches. They also create Limited Edition pocket watches feature a mechanical music alarm feature. Here at Timepiece Atelier, we carry a couple of the Limited-Edition Boegli National Anthem pocket watches!

If you are in the market for a truly unique pocket watch, look no further than Boegli! Click here to check out our online catalogue!

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