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Timepiece Atelier's portfolio of brands range from established Swiss Made to innovative new watch brands, sports performance watches to fashion-licensed timepieces. The company has over 45 years of heritage in the watch industry and is an active distributor in the region to watch retailers, department stores, and e-commerce platforms. The watches on Timepiece Atelier are all direct distributor stocks which we pride in selling high-quality watches while providing excellent sales service support to all our customers.




At Timepiece Atelier, all of our timepieces came directly from the brand suppliers and all of the timepieces are meticulously taken care of to ensure the product quality. We have our own in-house dedicated after sales service centre which handles all after sales service of our watches that we sell on Timepiece Atelier. All watches come with international warranty or warranty by us.




Official distributor for the following timepieces: Arbutus, Campus, Claude Bernard, Columbia, Edox, Katherine Hamnett, Reebok

Direct distributor stocks for the following timepieces: Boegli, ELLE, Hanhart, Vincent Calabrese NHC, Vulcain

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