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Mothers' Day Gift Guide

Mothers’ Day is coming soon and it’s time to stress over what will be the best gift for your mom this year! Buying a gift for one of the most important woman in your lives can be one of the most stressful events. A woman can be hard to please and that is what makes her the success pillar behind every successful man and child.

We know it’s not an easy task and so to help you out, we have list down a few of our watches that will be a perfect gift for your mom!

1. For moms who love the glitz and glam

Every woman loves some bling on their hands. For Arbutus, we recommend our newest model that is both elegant and eye-catching. As for Claude Bernard, our Ladies Dress Code collection is the one to look for if your mom is all about the glamorous style. A touch of classic, a touch of bling is all that is needed on the wrist.

2. For moms who are superwomen

Moms are known to be superwomen. They remember all the details and important dates that concern their children but sometimes, amidst everything that is happening, they forget. Well, here are the watches for all the supermoms out there!

Arbutus multi-function watch features a full calendar and a day/night indicator that can serve as a reminder for her. Claude Bernard has an elegant timepiece in rose gold and stainless steel that indicates the date and the day spelt in full. The timepiece has been cleverly hand-assembled to ensure that the day indicator does not overwhelm the design of the dial and remains as a minimalist design.

3. For moms who are all about that vintage style

A vintage and simple design that most moms will appreciate, this Arbutus watch brings back the 80s feel when denim jackets and cuffed jeans are all the rage – a time which most of our moms should be very familiar with. Featuring a small seconds sub-dial and brown leather strap, this Arbutus watch is all about that 80s vibe.


Claude Bernard watch features a vintage inspired timepiece that comes in a mesh band and a specially constructed case and lugs that allows this collection to stand out from other brands. The dial also spots a clever use of a sun ray plus a ‘diamond’ embossed effect as time indicator on the face of the watch. This brings to life the dial and creates an eye catching arm candy for mom.

4. For moms who just wanna have fun

Some moms make fun and bold decisions in their choice of clothing and accessories. Here’s your chance to prove to your mom that you know her as well as she knows you!

This Arbutus watch model comes in various bold colours – one of them bound to be your mom’s favourite. Another way to spice things up is to not conform to the norm. This Claude Bernard 10218 boy-sized chronograph watch is a fun watch for her! The Claude Bernard chronograph watch plays down on the racy-ness typically found in other wrist based stop watches, the brand stays true to its contemporary look. Suitable for the mother who is dashing around to bring you out for a day of fun!

5. For Moms who appreciate the simple style

You can never go wrong with a classic watch with roman numerals. Simple yet intriguing, this Arbutus watch also comes in different colours such as black, beige and pink. For the woman who is elegant and wants something for every day wear, these Claude Bernard watches are the perfect fit.

A watch is more than just something functional, it is a symbol of a memory that can last for years, making it the perfect gift for mothers who are always sentimental and nostalgic.

You can check out more Arbutus and Claude Bernard watches here:


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