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At Timepiece Atelier we picked up some of the best watch brands for you. Due to the influx of technology, smart watches and fitness trackers have become the norm, but we still believe a quality traditional timepiece is an essential accessory. At Timepiece Atelier, we have a wide variety of watches that have different styles and purposes. We have timepieces that have genuine leather strap, canvas strap, silicone strap and stainless-steel bracelets to suit any occassion or activity. These timepieces make a statement to tell the time and showcase your personality. Therefore, whether you are flexing a sport watch, dress watch, aviation watch or even the colour of your watch, tells a lot about you.


Types of watches that we carry at Timepiece Atelier.


New vintage watches

If you’re looking for new vintage watches, you are probably picturing beautiful craftsmanship as well as exquisite timeless designs. Well, good news for you. We have elegant timepieces here that fit the two philosophies perfectly. Our Vulcain watches are famous for its in-house mechanical cricket alarm watches and are known for making watches for United States presidents.  Also, we have German Brands that use Swiss automatic movements like the iconic Hanhart that is synonymous with making top-notch chronographs watches that are highly valued by pilots.  Not forgetting our timepieces from independent watchmaker, Vincent Calabrese, for his elegantly crafted jumping hour and dual time timepieces. Vincent Calabrese is known to work on Corum’s Golden Bridge and Blancpain’s Tourbillion timepieces.   


Sports Watches

If you’re looking for a watch to take for your next adventure, we have many durable timepieces here that could be your “adventure partner”. I am sure many of you might be familiar with the brand Reebok, but do you know that they have watches too?  Reebok watches take the sports lifestyle to a new level. You can look sporty and casual at the same time with Reebok. Our Columbia watches are from Columbia sportswear that is known for their long and prestigious history of making the finest and most durable sports gear so there is no doubt that their watches are of the same quality. Soleus is known for incorporating GPS functions into their watches and creating simple and intuitive watches for sports wear. Their watches are extremely resilient and sporty looking, perfect for active consumers for all ages and genders. 


Automatic Skeleton Watches 

Do you want to know the secret of watchmaking? If so, then Arbutus automatic watches would be your cup of tea. They bring the art of watch craftsmanship into plain sight and reveal the deepest secrets of watch making as you gaze into the intricate inner movements of the automatic watch. Arbutus stands out as a mechanical watchmaker who produces aesthetically pleasing yet complicated watch features like the calendar functions, small seconds sub-dials and moon phases. 


Dress Watches

In the words of the world's most iconic polymath Lenoardo Da Vinci “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, this word of wisdom applies to Claude Bernard watches. Claude Bernard watches are Swiss-made and designed as an accessory for formal or casual wear. They are effortlessly chic and would bring your fashion to the next level. For ladies, we have Elle watches that cater to ladies and are the wrist accessory that every woman needs. They look feminine, stylish and add a sophisticated finishing to your outfit. Gold watches are a classic piece for both man and woman. Here, we have Campus that specializes in making exquisite gold plated watches that cost less than $100 and encompass a design philosophy of vintage classic dress watch for everyday wear.