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Friends of Claude Bernard feature: Narissa

quote on time

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted"

- John Lennon

face to face with



I am a student in SMU

off the clock.

I walk my dog (Instagram: @mizyogi) and I watch too much TV

first prize in.

Mmm, I'm good at making the ugliest silly faces. My sisters and I compete on a regular basis on who can send the ugliest selfie to our family chat. I AM THE UNDEFEATED WINNER C:


I don't really have a fixed dressing style, I like to change my style up everyday.

Claude Bernard watches.

For something that tells you time, a Claude Bernard watch is timeless :) Their classic designs allow me to match the watch with every outfit for every occasion. What's most important is that the watches are durable and reliable, perfect for clumsy me.

For a watch I wear almost everyday, not having to worry about scratching watch face has saved me from suffering many mini heart attack moments (when you accidentally brush your watch against something)

quote on time.

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted - John Lennon. Helps me justify my procrastination


Getting good grades while still being able balance spending time with my loved ones and getting enough sleep.

On her: Claude Bernard Classic Pair Ref. 54003 3 BR and on him: Claude Bernard Classic Pair Ref. 53003 3 BR

Claude Bernard Classic Pair Ref. 53003 3 BR
Claude Bernard Classic Pair Ref. 54003 3 BR

Claude Bernard watches are available at Robinsons The Heeren Level 4 and other authorised watch retailers

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