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Vulcain: Vulcanova Butterfly Lovers

By Timepiece Atelier on Mar 29th, 2021

Watches for women tend to get less attention from the overwhelmingly male dominated watch-loving community. Therefore, Vulcain has taken steps to create more watches dedicated to women.

To celebrate, its 150th anniversary, Vulcain presents a limited edition of its Vulcanova edition, poetically christened “Butterfly Lovers”. Exquisitely crafted with mother-of-pearl, the dial features two shimmering butterflies that refer to one of the most famous Chinese love stories known as “Butterfly lovers”.

Inspired by the enchanting legend, this watch collection embodies everlasting love and the freedom of love. The folktale is set in ancient China where the two main characters find love in the cruel hierarchical feudal world. Vuclain’s stylized representation of their love is perfect because the two fluttering butterflies decorated on the dial represent the romance between the main characters of the story- Liang ShanBo and Zhu YingTai. The two characters were trapped in forbidden love due to the cruel feudal system and an arranged marriage that the female character had. Thus, these two lovebirds could only find happiness when they were reborn as a pair of butterflies.

Powered by the Vulcain Calibre V-53 Swiss automatic movement, the addition of Butterfly lovers is an incredible entry that walks between the line of aesthetics and technicity. The watch is housed in a 36 x 26mm case milled from stainless steel. It has an incredible vibration of 28’800 per hour which means it yields a higher timekeeping resolution as well as higher precision mechanical movement. It has a whopping 40-hour power reserve that could easily last all day long. The watch displays hour, minutes and central seconds and has a water resistance of 50 metres/160 feet, which means that this timepiece is just meant for casual everyday wear.

It is available in two versions, one with a full-steel case option and another is in a steel bezel set with diamonds totaling 0.576 carats. While the diamond bezel set looks expensive and elegant, the simple full steel bezel is just as appealing due to the 3 points of the indexes set with crystals which adds a touch of glam without being overwhelming.

Lastly, this timepiece is fitted with a satin leather combination strap which feels undeniably comfortable and soft on skin. The price of the diamond bezel set is S$7,404.00 at sale price (S$12,340.00 regular price) and the full steel bezel set is priced at S$4,266.00 Sale Price (S$7,110.00 Regular Price) from Timepiece Atelier. If you’re a fan of the movie butterfly lovers or are emotionally attached to the tale of this timepiece, this watch might be the one for you. Nonetheless, you can still get them purely on their aesthetics too.

The collection is issued in a limited edition of 150 for each dial.

Vulcain Calibre V-53

Movement: mechanical self-winding, 28’800 vibrations per hour, 40-hour power reserve

Functions: Hour, Minute, Centre seconds

Case: steel. 36 x 26mm

Set Versions: Steel bezel set with diamonds totalling 0.576 Carats

Water Resistance: 50 metres/160 feet

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