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Veteran’s Day x Vulcain

Would you look at that, Veteran’s Day is slated to commence in 6 days! It commemorates the success and valiant effort of veterans during World War 1. Led by the great Woodrow Wilson, America joined hands with the allied forces to combat the axis and successfully vanquished them. As a tribute to these great leaders, let us take a look at the brand dubbed “The Watch for Presidents”, Vulcain.

Our first highlight from Vulcain is the Vulcain Aviator Cricket Dual-Time VU110114.073M.

This beautiful mechanical watch packs Vulcain’s signature cricket alarm complication that has its sound production further amplified by the ‘double membrane’ stainless steel case back. Other aspects of the watch that we love and deemed fit for ‘Presidents’ is the lustrous white dial with gold hour markings. The timepiece also comes with a dual time zone internal rotating bezel and date indicator to keep track of time throughout the busy day of an international traveler. This watch screams professional and will go well with more formal outfits, however, we do find it suitable for a casual weekend get together with fellow watch enthusiasts. This mechanical watch will be an incredible addition to every watch collector’s collection.

Another standout piece fit for our list of illustrious Presidents, is the Vulcain Tonneau Millesime 1928 steel VU110109.058LF

Just a glance at this magnificent watch and it’s hard to overlook its commanding presence. The striking azure blue with a beautiful guilloche dial is a mesmerizing piece that demands attention. The stainless-steel case features a double membrane at its case back to ensure the iconic mechanical cricket alarm is heard loud and clear. A mark of leadership, dominance, and excellence spews from this meticulously crafted timepiece. A true privilege for watch connoisseurs to get their hands on this unique mechanical timepiece.

Let us remember the veterans and leaders who have worked so hard to fight for our freedom and protected us in trying times! If any of these watches interest you, click here to see through what else we have in store!

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