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Top 5 Luxury Autumn Picks

Autumn is the season in the middle where you bid goodbye to the hot summer and say hello to the cold winter. In the midst of the changing season, we must stay comfortable and fashionable. Here are our top 5 Luxury Autumn Picks which you can match with your Autumn outfits!

Our first recommendation is for the ladies. The Vincent Calabrese NHC FYS is a twist to the Vincent Calabrese NHC OTS. Even though it has the same round face and python black leather strap, the jumping hour is different, instead of the usual numerals found on the men’s collection, the Vincent Calabrese NHC FYS has a butterfly on the jumping hour which adds a quirky touch to this classic timepiece. The dial of the watch is also different from the Vincent Calabrese NHC OTS as instead of the minimalist and clean look, the Vincent Calabrese NHC FYS has diamonds on the dial which makes the watch classy and elegant. This piece will give you the overall laid-back look with a touch of sophistication, perfect to match any woman’s Autumn outfit!

The next recommendation is a romanticized piece - Boegli Classique Wrist Watch. This is one of the unique pieces from Boegli as they usually specialize in pocket watches and this is one of the few wristwatches that they produce. The Boegli Classique Wrist Watch is a manual winding music wristwatch with a Swiss automatic movement. The clean white dial makes the watch look more neutral and balanced with unique details such as the open heart view of the music movement and the roman numerals found on the piece itself. What makes this even more special is the unique shape of the watch case. This piece is the one for you if you want to stand out amongst the crowd with its uniqueness.

The next piece in our recommendation list is for the men and that is the Vulcain Revolution Dual-Time Automatic. This piece is perfect for Autumn as the season is usually associated with colours like brown and orange. The Brown leather strap with orange stitches gives off autumn vibes and the overall warm and mature look. The Vulcain Revolution Dual-Time Automatic features the Vulcain iconic Cricket Alarm and an in-house automatic movement. This timepiece is for those looking for a watch that wants to convey maturity and toughness this autumn.

Our next recommendation is also for the males. The Vincent Calabrese NHC BFS is for those looking for something more formal and tough. The tonneau case in stainless steel and the solid stainless steel metal bracelet with a security clasp makes the watch look sturdy and reliable. It also has a second-time zone and period of the day and date. This is the perfect watch for someone who travels for business around the world and it will definitely make your autumn fit look immaculate and well put together.

The last recommendation is a Unisex watch for the females who prefer having a watch with a bigger case size or for the males who admire the mechanics of a watch. The Edox Les Vauberts Automatic Open Heart has a stainless steel overall look and a Swiss automatic movement. This watch is uncomplicated with a touch of elegance from the open heart on the dial of the watch and it is the ideal timepiece to own if that is the look you are going for this autumn, uncomplicated and posh.

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