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Top 3 Underrated Brands

When in the market for a collectable automatic watch, one would most probably search for Rolex, Patek Phillipe or Audemars Piguet watches. It is easy to overlook less prominent independent brands that are only appreciated by watch collectors. Today I will let you in on the top 3 underrated brands sought after by collectors.

First, we have NHC by Vincent Calabrese. The master watchmaker, Vincent Calabrese, has a history of challenging and exceeding boundaries set in the field of watch making, earning him the prestige and reputation as a master watchmaker. He specializes in modifying movements to create unique movements. One of his collections, the Beauty Fuel collection is known for its power reserve display on its dial that features a simple ETA automatic movement that has been modified to into a dual time watch with a day and date indicator.

Another watch brand that should be in every collector’s treasure chest box is Vulcain, The Watch for Presidents.

Vulcain has been the watch of choice for the Presidents of the Unites States, a lofty watch built for such an important figure. That is a testament to Vulcain and its innovative mechanical cricket alarm that remains one of its kind even in today’s watch industry. For avid watch collectors, Vulcain is a brand that cannot be passed up.

If you love watches, you can relate to the heritage of the automatic pilot chronograph watches by Hanhart.

Hanhart is well known for their chronograph watches that are essential to pilots and powered by the robust Valjoux automatic movement. Founded in 1882, Hanhart manufactured chronograph watches that proved to be an essential for pilots, especially in times of combat. Hanhart watches were donned by several figures of importance such as generals and doctors, who made significant contributions to their nations. Now presently, Hanhart is a valuable collector’s watch with the legacy and experience that go into every watch made.

Check out these independent watch brands that will deliver value to your watch collection. Be sure to click here to check out our watch collections specifically for collectors.

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