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Top 3 NHC watches

Vincent Calabrese is not just a watchmaker, he is also an innovator and artist. He is known for crafting gorgeous watches and sculpting perfect watch movements, hence, it is no surprise that NHC watches by Vincent Calabrese produces some of the world’s most unique watches. Today we will look at 3 watches from the Beauty Fuel collection that is created by the world-renowned watch maker Vincent Calabrese.

A symbol of class, the Vincent Calabrese NHC CPS 101 is classy and subtle on the wrist

The simple black dial is not to be underestimated! The window on the left features a day and night indicator, and a window on the right for the date, aiming to create a perfect symmetry on the dial. With Vincent Calabrese, you know you can expect a magnificent, modified automatic movement. On top of all that, the design is very alluring as the dial, despite its multitude of features, designed simply.

Beat the blues and feel regal with the Vincent Calabrese NHC BFS 105.

Blue, a colour of royalty, the NHC BFS 105 automatic watch is sure to induce the feeling of luxury and superiority. The highlight feature of this collection is its large 180° power reserve indicator to highlight the power left in the automatic movement. Other focal points are the 2nd time zone on the dial and a day and a date indicator, again creating a symmetrical design.

The first and last round dial watch I will feature in this blog is none other than the Vincent Calabrese NHC BFS 153.

The NHC BFS 153 has similar functions to the NHC BFS 105. However, if you prefer a round styled watch, that sits elegantly, opt for this collection! We love perfect round symmetries and the clean white guilloche dial that can add a layer of sophistication to the wrist.

Get a unique watch by independent watch maker, Vincent Calabrese. Value, prestige and craftmanship in one watch. If you are intrigued by any of these watches, be sure to click here to check out our online catalogue!


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