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Pair watch for Valentines

Valentine’s Day is coming! Do you have a gift for your special someone? The perfect gift this Valentine’s Day would be matching watches! A pair of matching watches are a subtle way to share a bond with your significant other, and better yet, a watch also has a deeper meaning! A watch signifies the timeless happiness a couple experiences together and the importance of cherishing every second they share with each other.

The Claude Bernard Classic Open Heart CB85017-37R-AIR (40.5mm) and the Claude Bernard Classic Open Heart CB85018-37R-AIR (38mm) is the perfect pair for any couple looking for matching watches.

The simple design makes the watch subtle yet eye-catching with the open dial, allowing the movement to peek out. The mixture of an elegant design with an open dial helps the watch stand out as an accessory and elevates your outfits.

Claude Bernard has plenty of other pair watches that is suitable for different taste and preferences! Take a look at a couple of them here! Lastly, don’t forget a cheesy pick-up line to charm your loved one! ‘If beauty were time, you’d be an eternity’.

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