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Edox: The Story of an Underrated Swiss Brand

by Timepiece Atelier on Feb 12th, 2021

It is undeniable that people who have little knowledge about the watch industry only knows of famous watch brands like Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe etc...They are renowned because of their heritage and making of exceptional quality timepieces. These distinguished watch brands define and dominate the watch industry today. Thus, it is a shame that Indie and micro watch brands who put as much effort into their craftsmanship, live in their shadows.

Leading brands watches come with a jaw-dropping price tag. However, the watch industry offers affordable timepieces that do not compromise on quality. Here, we would like to bring your attention to one of most underrated Swiss brands, Edox, and put it in the much-deserved spotlight.

Edox is a mid-range Swiss luxury brand whose timepieces sell around S$800-S$5000. They are perfect for people who are on a budget but are looking for luxury watches with high quality. They have an array of watches that are inspired by sporting champions found on land, air and sea to classic timepieces to accessorize yourself and never go out of style.

Edox History

The Edox story begins back in 1884 with a true love story. Christian Rüefli-Flury, an exceptionally skillful watchmaker, decided to give his wife, Pauline, a pocket watch that he had designed himself for her 25th birthday. Touched and impressed by the exquisite present, Pauline persuaded her husband to start his own watchmaking company in 1884. He called his company “Edox”. The name “Edox” means “measuring of time” in ancient Greek, and the hourglass logo was officially used as a symbol for Edox ever since.

The 135 years of Edox’s existence have been studded with success and horological inventions, some of which remain unrivalled even till this day.

Edox became the benchmark brand for water resistance with the launch of its Delfin watches in 1961, a revolutionary timepiece that was water-resistant to 200 metres on account of that double crown gasket, the double case-back and the specially invented double O’ring system. It set a new standard of shock protection and of course, water resistance and its technology has been replicated and used in many other Swiss watches till today.

Following up in 1965, they have broken their limits once again and invented the Hydro-sub collection featuring the same double O’crown patented Edox gasket for increased water resistance of 500m.

Then in 1970, they had made the First Genuine world time watch. The iconic model was the first world timer timepiece, the “Geoscope” watch. It covers all the time zones and could provide timekeeping for almost 50 different cities around the world. Till this day, the Edox Geoscope still remains one of the favourites amongst watch collectors.

In 1983, the current owner, Victor Strambini took over Edox and continued to achieve tremendous success with the famous Les Bémonts Ultra-Slim. Edox took an unconventional approach to this collection and made the ultimate ultra-slim calendar quartz watch, featuring a movement that was 1.4 mm thick, a world record for the slimmest calendar watch which remains unbroken to this day.

In 2006, Edox launched the CO-1 watches, a collection of sports watches that feature water-resistance to 500 metres and incorporates materials derived from aerospace research, such as titanium, carbon and ceramic. Edox’s passion for technical perfection quite naturally led the company into the world of nautical sports that includes luxury sail boats, and powerboats. Soon in November 2006, Edox became Official Timekeeper for the Class-1 Powerboat World Championships, the famous Formula 1 of the seas.

In 2012, Edox became the Official Timekeeper for the Dakar Rally Raid and launched the Chrono-Rally collection that was designed and built to withstand the harsh weather conditions racers faced. The watch possesses the brand's ethos of power, technicity and excellence.

Continuing their positioning of precision timing for champions, Edox became the Official Timekeeper for the Extreme Sailing Series (ESS) and for the World Curling Federation (WCF) in 2013, and launched the Grand Ocean collection, together with the Limited-Edition Extreme Sailing Series watches.

Following the success streak, Edox becomes the Official WRC timekeeper and instigated a new collection especially for the rally drivers, true virtuosos of tarmac snow and ice and to all devotees of the automobile and car racing world.

In 2016, Edox became the Official Premium Partner of Sauber Formula-1 team and marks its foray into the thrilling world of Formula 1. A new collection was also dedicated to this partner. The partnership is a strong testimony of Edox presence amongst the renowned and active Swiss brands.

Edox has a simple mission, to be amongst the best and the creation of precise, perfect and performance-based timepieces. The brand has successfully created this association with champions, whereby precision timing and constant drive for improvement are of utmost importance.

With a clear vision of growth and development, Edox has divulged into endless research and innovation while maintaining its classic traditions of watchmaking know-hows. Edox has thus become the touchstone brand in timekeeping for nautical sports, motor sports competitions and extreme sports.

Edox has never stood still and has celebrated its 135th anniversary. Over the decades, they have forged numerous accolades as the official timekeepers for sporting champions on land air and sea.

Technical perfection, aesthetics and functionality have brought Edox watches to where it is today – a trustworthy timepiece relied on by champions.

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