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Arbutus #MyFirstAutomatic with @sodapopp (Part 1)

Part 1: Get to know more about @sodapopp

Meet Janice, also known as @sodapopp on Instagram. Here she shares with us her first experiences with Arbutus and how Arbutus Dual Time Skeleton AR1905RWF is an ideal choice for her first mechanical watch.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Janice, currently working as a finance professional. Recently a mom to a newborn, I’ve learnt that simple things in life can bring about happiness like spending quality time with family. I used to dedicate a lot of time to meeting up friend acquaintances but I realised that after many years, the true gems are the ones who stay with you through the ups and downs of life.

I love being in a corporate work environment where I work independently to achieve goals I set out for myself. In my free time, I enjoy creating content by way of photography with friends of the same interests!

Tell us what inspires you or who are your inspirations in life?

My mother is a big inspiration to me. Growing up, we were pretty frugal and no matter what, she always made sure to provide for us – never giving up on the corporate life all the way into her late years. Also, she always made an impression when dressing up for an occasion – she was a huge fashion influence for me!

Tell us about your dreams for the future?

In chinese, there’s a saying of 先苦后甜;

which means to work hard now and reap the rewards later

I would love to retire early and travel the world – create memories with my loved ones while I’m still fit enough.

As an influencer, what kind of content do you cover?

Food, fashion, beauty and lifestyle! Lifestyle can be anything which I feel makes life easier or more interesting for us – currently I’m promoting quite a few things which helped me on my journey as a first-time mom!

What would you like to tell your followers in terms of life advice?

Never be afraid to fail, try new things, take the path less travelled. I believe that a person who has only experienced success in life usually doesn't get a chance to learn important life lessons.

Arbutus Dual Time Skeleton AR1905RWF

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