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Arbutus #MyFirstAutomatic with @so.gelly (Part 1)

Part 1: Get to know more about @so.gelly

Meet Angelika, also known as @so.gelly on Instagram. Here she shares with us her first experiences with Arbutus and how Arbutus Ladies Skeleton AR910SWB is an ideal choice for her first mechanical watch.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Angelika but most people call me Gelly to the point I respond faster to that than my name! I’m currently working, doing coding & all that programming stuff. I would say I’m a pretty easy-going person. I have quite abit of patience & I’m not sure whether it stems from being level-headed or simply worrying less. Either way, it works out well for my mental health. I’m easily contented & I feel I’m in a good place right now. Stable job, a roof over my head, good relationships & people surrounding me, a nice, comfortable phase of my life. Good relationships are really important for me, I don’t need to have many friends but I like to have a few who stick by me & are there for me when I need them! I mean, I’m an introvert so having too many friends will tire me out.

I’m passionate about many things, singing, dancing, baking, make-up but there’s only that many hours a day so I haven’t really managed to hone my skills to a high level for any of them. Especially dancing, I have two left feet. People being optimistic and working hard for their goals inspire me a lot. Nothing comes easy & determination is key but sometimes you just get tired and drop out. Seeing people persevere and work towards their goals really motivate me to either start again or continue going.

I honestly don’t have much skills in my opinion? I mean, I’ve tried many things as I said before but I guess I’m just fairly decent at all of them (besides dancing)? I mean I’m constantly trying to improve but at this point in time I would not say I have anything I’m good at.

For hobbies, I like to sing. It’s one of my favourite things. It helps me to destress & it feels good to just let your feelings out through a song. Besides that, I also like to build gundams & play computer/mobile games. Watching dramas & movies are also things I do when I have free time. I’m open to watching any genre of shows as long as it doesn’t involve ghosts. I hate ghost stuff, keeps me up at night & gets me very paranoid.

Tell us what inspires you or who are your inspirations in life?

I don’t really have a role model but I get inspired by the people around me & what they are passionate about. It may not be something I’m passionate about but seeing their enthusiasm over the things they like to do inspires me to approach my passions the same way.

Tell us about your dreams for the future?

I wanna constantly improve & stay content. Not exactly a dream, I would call it more of a goal.

As an influencer, what kind of content do you cover?

Food, Beauty, before Covid struck there would be some travel involved too. Ah… I miss travelling.

What would you like to tell your followers in terms of life advice?

Live for yourself. It’s your life. Only happens once. Be kind but know your limits.

Arbutus Ladies Skeleton AR910SWB

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