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Friends of Claude Bernard - Fraser Tiong


I just graduated from SMU with a degree in business management and majoring in marketing and corporate communications, currently waiting to start work at a publications company.

Things you do in your free time

Basketball, football, dance, playing computer games, music, and the list goes on. There’s definitely too many things to do and too little time. But it’s always nice to be able to share my free time with the people who matter to me.

Thoughts on Claude Bernard watches.

Claude Bernard watches are definitely works of art; they are intricately crafted and they go well with outfits for any occasion. Most importantly, they are really durable and reliable, saving me from the worry of having to be extra careful not to flail my arms around when I get too excited and scratch the watch by accident.

Favourite quote on time

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst” – William Penn Always a reminder not to waste time.

What do you admire most about your father?

I have always admired my father’s work ethic and his drive to be the best. Perhaps you can say that he has an obsession with perfection, but that is what spurs him to always put in a 100% for everything he does. Also, his value system is something that I have always aspired to emulate and I definitely owe everything I have today to him.

What is the most memorable action/event that your father done for you?

My father, being a very traditional Asian parent, has never been one to show affection. But 19 years ago, I swallowed a fish bone by accident and it got stuck in my throat, and he rushed me to the hospital in the middle of the night and got super excited when the doctor finally pulled it out of my throat. It was in that moment that I knew that how much he actually cared.

I guess the best gift would be for me to eventually find my own path in life and be a good person. Words alone can’t fully express my gratitude but I’d like to say: thank you for all the years but it’s my turn to take care of you now.

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