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Friends of Claude Bernard - Jeremy Hellven Chua


I am currently working in Airbnb.

Things you do in your free time

Travel is a definite; I travel to Hokkaido to ski whenever I can. I enjoy a great cup of tea with a book/Netflix. I take up languages during my free time and in midst of learning Korean and Japanese. Thoughts on Claude Bernard watches.

Classic High quality time piece that is perfect for me for work or even a Friday night out. The kind of watch that I know I will love and my dad will do too.

Favourite quote on time

“The only reason for time is so that every time don't happen at once” - Albert Einstein

What do you admire most about your father?

Seeing the best in everyone. Every experience in life - positive or negative, he sees it optimistically and embrace it as a lesson or experience.

What is the most memorable action/event that your father done for you?

The most memorable action that my dad did was cooking up all my favourite dishes on the night of my movie premier, despite him being ill and could barely walk much; he wiped out a dish to celebrate for me.

What would you like to give or tell your father in return for his love?

Thank you for being a figure that made me who I am. Learning to be ki

nd and seeing thing optimistically which helped me to ace in my life. I treasure you a lot and I will never have the chance to tell you that ever again. I hope everyone will take this chance to express your gratitude and love to your father.

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