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Aromatherapy with Hanan


I just graduated and currently focusing on the business right now!

What did you do before Quofic?

Well, I was a student in SIM-UOL, majoring in Finance

What motivated you to start Quofic?

I started a long time ago because of my artwork. I did artwork in secondary school, I love to do papercut. I started to love quotes from the Quran. However, what really got me started off was my husband, who was very busy with work and get back home at 3-4am. He can’t sleep when he comes back so I learnt about aromatherapy and made my first candle for him. He said that it really helped him and why not I try to make this as a business to see how it goes. My whole motive circles around the fact that I want to make people’s day and want them to be motivated. So when they see the candle beside their bed or at their desks, they will feel good and do better!

What does the name Quofic stands for?

Okay, Quofic is a wordplay, I TRY to be creative lah. It’s a merger of “quotes” and “Kufic” which is Arabic calligraphy.

Out of all the scents that you have created, which is your favourite one?

For me, my favourite one is definitely… wait let me think because I just changed all my scents hahaha. Ermmmm… to be honest, I really like the Ottoman because it has a musky, woodish scent so it’s a very strong scent. It is inspired by the Ottoman empire, which is the largest Islamic empire.

Your favourite quote on time?

Okay, for my favourite quote on time would be *flips through the various Quofic quotes*- “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” Because nowadays, we can dreaming, strive to do better but we should always remember how you start and the people around you.

What is time to you?

There is this saying from a Chinese philosopher that if you are living in the past, you will always thinking what had happened and “what if”. If you live in the present, you know you will have control over that. You can then really appreciate the time given to you and not dwell about the past and future.

What are your plans for Quofic in the future?

It boils down to the business objective, which is to inspire and make someone’s day. Primarily, if I can reach out to more people, such as globally, I would feel that the business objective is met.

Your candle making philosophy?

It is to learning more about candling and how can I perfect it. However, what makes me push harder is the fact that the right concoction is in every candle and quality checked. I tried to outsource but at this moment, I want myself to do it to make sure that it will be the perfect gift delivered to the customers. And when I get positive feedbacks from them, it really drives to continue and do better.

What do you like about Claude Bernard?