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Reasons To Own A Mechanical Watch

The history of watches is an interesting one. The first watch that was ever made was invented in the 16th century, in the form of a pocket watch, and mechanical watches had dominated the world until the Quartz revolution of the 1970s. Since then, mechanical watches are slowly losing their appeal, especially to the new generations.

Quartz watches are generally more accurate and easier to maintain compared to mechanical watches. (You can read all about the difference between a mechanical and quartz movement in our previous article here.) So then why do we still want a mechanical watch that is less accurate and takes more effort to maintain?

The rich history of mechanical watches

As mentioned at the start of this article, mechanical watches were created way back in the 16th century. This means that the art of watchmaking has been around for more than 400 years and every mechanical watch you have contains a hint of history. Not only that, the mechanical watch you get now also consists years of research innovation whereby advancements to the technique of watchmaking were made and complications were designed to provide more functions for the wearer.

More than just a watch

It is true that a mechanical watch requires more effort and regular wear and some may deem this a hassle. This is, however, the charm of a mechanical watch. The extra effort needed to maintain a mechanical watch helps grow emotional attachment for the wearer to the watch. With mechanical watches, you are not just buying a watch, you are investing in a relationship. The finest mechanical watches in the world can even be passed from generations after generations. A special way of conveying your love and well wishes for your loved ones.

A representation of status

Watches have been a symbol of status and this is especially true for men. Mechanical watches are vastly more complex and labour-intensive to produce and a man who understands and appreciates the craftsmanship of a mechanical watch will usually be seen as a man of class.

Quartz watches may be visually pleasing, functional and require lower maintenance but they will never have that advance engineering that mechanical watches represent.