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Classic Swiss Watch V.S. Smart Watches

Is the ‘Smartwatch’ really a watch?

A watch has one primary purpose which is to tell the time. In another view just like how our smartphones or tablets are computers, the ‘smartwatch’ in this instance is a mini computer. It is a result from the advancement of technology, allowing the creation of a computer small enough to wear on the wrist. You can see the evolution of how the interface is getting smaller from your computer to tablet to mobile and now your Smartwatch. However, is this an optimal interface to handle the ‘smart’ technology?

A ‘Smartwatch’ requires updates and constant charging…

If a classic Swiss watch stops working or if the strap has any wear and tear, a visit to a specialist can get your watch back to working condition. It may be costly to repair but there will always be an ‘appreciation’ value attached to the watch. A ‘smartwatch’ on the other hand requires updates and constant charging and it would be costly to replace if it stops working. Expectations for both products are also different where consumers expect a watch to last 2 years or more, while the expectation of a ‘smart watch’ is to last 2 years or less.

This is an era where everything is beeping at you

It is nice to have a quiet piece of technology. Your classic Swiss watch does not nag at you about your intake of calories or how many steps you have walked for the day. While enjoying a relaxing time on a holiday, do you want to be constantly reminded of the emails that are coming in or messages related to work on the ‘smartwatch’?

Security and identity theft

Whilst the smartwatch may have many functions, it also holds a lot of sensitive data. When you lose your smart watch, you would probably need to start resetting passwords and checking that all your personal data is secured. Whereas losing your classic Swiss watch would just get you upset due to the intrinsic value the watch holds.

The craftsmanship and overall aesthetics of a classic Swiss Watch

Make it a good conversation starter. In a classic Swiss watch the working mechanics are extremely complexed. Regardless of how trendy or popular a smart watch has become consumers who enjoy luxury classic Swiss watches will not just give up their flawlessly crafted timepieces for a smart watch. A classic Swiss watch is simpler which makes it more appealing, they do what they are supposed to – tell time, and are very reliable. The choice of watch also tells a lot about the person in terms of personality, character and taste, which makes choosing the right watch so much more difficult. Some would term watches as wearable art, or the only piece of jewellery a man will have on.

Many classic Swiss watches also have more meaning to them other than their value.

Many people aspire for a particular classic Swiss watch but do not have the resources to get it. When they eventually own that classic Swiss watch, it represents all the hard work they put in to get it. A watch has also been used as a traditional gift to remember that special occasion, be it for a 21st birthday, graduation, wedding or anniversary. These aspects will never apply to a Smartwatch. You may change a Smartwatch every 2 years as you would a smart phone, but not for a classic Swiss Watch.

How would you prefer to spend your money?

Would you want to spend a sum of money on the latest Smart Watch, one which will probably have to be replaced in 2 years due to out of date technology, or would you prefer to invest in a piece of wearable art, a reflection of good craftsmanship and your persona