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Arbutus Watch Care Tips

So you have just bought an Arbutus mechanical watch, now what? A mechanical watch requires great care from its owner and this is what makes the charm of a mechanical watch. Maintaining a mechanical watch is like maintaining a relationship. You need to put in the effort.

Not sure how? Don’t worry, we are here to help! Here are some tips on how you can take care of your watch.

1. Regular wear is KEY

A mechanical watch involves many tiny components working together for timekeeping. As such, lubricants are used to ensure smooth interactions between them. If a mechanical watch is left on a standstill for a period of time, the lubricants will harden and this will increase friction between the mechanisms. In the long run, the increased friction will damage the movement of the watch.

Regular wear of your mechanical watch will prevent the lubricants from hardening so it can continue to function properly.

2. The magic number to wind your watch

As mentioned in our previous post, Mechanical VS Quartz, a mechanical watch maintains its timekeeping function from the energy released from a wound spring. The question is – how many times do we have to wind up the watch? Well, here’s the magic number.


A manual watch requires winding of the crown regularly. Depending on its power reserve, an Arbutus hand-winding mechanical watch has to be wound up to 30 times before wear.


An automatic watch is able to self-wind due to wrist movement. Even so, it still requires winding after an inactive period. It is ideal to wind the crown 15 times to kick start the watch before wear.

3. Adjust the date before late

It is advisable to not adjust the dates of your watch between 10PM to 4AM. During this time, the mechanisms inside the watch are getting ready to shift to the next date or had just shifted. The gear wheels are exceptionally tight during these hours and any more pressure will risk damaging the gears.

4. Avoid wearing your watch in extreme temperatures

If you are going to a place like sauna, it is best to avoid wearing your mechanical watch.The exposure of a mechanical watch to extreme hot and cool temperatures will cause the mechanisms inside to expand and contract, causing damage to the entire movement of the watch.

5. Always do your repair at authorized service centre

If you ever encounter any problem with your mechanical watch, bring it to the service centre of the authorized distributor in the country. An Arbutus watch comes with an international warranty so you will still be able to repair your watch even when you are overseas.