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Fathers' Day Gift Guide

Fathers’ Day is coming soon and you are probably wondering what to get for your dad this year. We all want to find the perfect gift but a dad can be the hardest person to get a gift for. Here’s the thing, anything you can get for him, he probably got for himself.

Are you panicking a little now? Don’t worry, we got your back! This year, we have put together a list of Arbutus automatic watches that are going to bring a smile to your dad’s face!

1. Arbutus Classic Skeleton

Men have a thing for mechanical watches. They tend to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into them. Our Arbutus Classic Skeleton allows the wearer to observe the movement of the mechanisms inside the watch, ideal for dads with an eye for mechanical watch craftsmanship.

2. Arbutus Modern Renaissance

There’s no doubt that our dads are always busy. They work hard to give their family a good life and it’s hard to keep track of the dates while doing so. Hence, a watch with date function is perfect for them. Arbutus Modern Renaissance comes with sub-dials that indicate the month and day, exactly what our busy dads need!

3. Arbutus Dual Time Skeleton

For dads who are frequent travelers, staying connected to their family back home is important. Arbutus Dual-time Skeleton allows the wearer to set two different timings, ideal for dads who are always away from home. With this watch, your dad will know when is the right time to call home just by a glance at his wrist.

4. Arbutus Exclusive Power Reserve

Most dads wear business attire to work and the best watch to go with such a formal outfit is our Arbutus Exclusive Power Reserve. This watch was designed with a classic and mature aesthetic to it. The dial also spots a Big Date display as well as a Power Reserve indicator that is bound to attract some interests in the office!

Read more about a power reserve complication here:

5. Arbutus Small Seconds Open Heart

This is a classic looking watch with a twist. It allows a teaser glimpse of the mechanisms within the watch, and also features a 24-hour sub dial as well as a small seconds sub-dial. These features form a trio of concentric circles that helped add an artisanal edge to the watch.

Fathers’ Day is the day that we show our appreciation to our dads. Take this chance and let him know that you love him!

Arbutus watches are available at TANGS at Tang Plaza Level 3 and VivoCity Level 1, Robinsons The Heeren Level 4 and Takashimaya Department Store Level 3.

Also available online at:

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