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Claude Bernard Big Date with blue dial

Watches with blue dial/blue straps are one of the hottest trends in the watch world with big-name brands releasing their own interpretation with its classic models.

Here we take a look at the new Claude Bernard Big Date with blue dial, featuring a classic design, centred around a beautiful cobalt-blue colour dial that has a different hue depending on lighting conditions. We previously reviewed the the white dial variant and more information can be found here.

The blue dial is cold and dark but has a metallic sheen with radial finishing.

It is paired with an almost-black navy blue croc pattern embossed strap with blue stitching.

Despite being more stylised and attention-grabbing, blue dial watches are versatile enough to be worn with most outfits in formal or casual settings. At $401.30 (w GST) ,the Claude Bernard Big Date with blue dial offers an interesting alternative to go-getters who are looking for a high quality classic watch.

Claude Bernard watches are available at Timepiece Atelier, Robinsons The Heeren Level 4 and other retailers

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