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Dual-Time Watches For The Travellers

A traveller frequently jet sets to different parts of the world, and the difference in time zone or time may be confusing to some. Having a watch that has a dual-time function is a lifesaver when it comes to travelling, it allows you to view two different times at the same time on one timepiece! We have picked out two of our favourite Dual-Time watches!

Vincent Calabrese NHC BFS

This timepiece has a tonneau watch case in stainless steel and it features a 44 hours power reserve with 180 degree indicator, a second time zone, period of the day and date. The design is clear and sophisticated which makes it easy to read at a glance - the date, day of the week, time in your current location as well as time in any other city of your choice. This timepiece is a must have for every business person travelling around the world.

Vulcain Aviator Cricket Dual-Time

The Vulcain Aviator Cricket Dual-Time not only has a dual-time function, it also features the iconic in-house cricket alarm movement that Vulcain has. This model is greatly appreciated by those who need to cope with different time zones on a daily basis, and the visuals of this watch is simply beautiful and simple. Truly a timepiece for those who want a watch that is of quality and serves both functionality and beauty.

Click HERE to check out other timepieces we offer or click HERE to make an appointment to view them.

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