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Claude Bernard: Affordable Luxury

Swiss made, the hallmark of a quality watch. All too often do people follow the rule of thumb that Swiss watches are superior watches and buy only the big names such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe and Omega. This makes the idea of owning a good watch seem exclusive to the rich. However, many fail to realise that there other Swiss Made watches at more affordable prices. Claude Bernard is a brand that produces quality Swiss Made watches at accessible prices.

Claude Bernard is a Swiss based watchmaker, passionately assembling their watches in Les Genevez. With a wide range of designs, Claude Bernard creates elegant dress watches that cater to varying taste and preferences.

With the price range from around $200, Claude Bernard watches will not leave a hole in your wallet in your quest for a quality watch. Do not be intimidated by the label ‘Swiss Made’ and know that everyone should be able to afford a good quality watch. Check out our Claude Bernard watches here!

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