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Arbutus: 5 Best Skeleton Watches

Arbutus watches originated from New York and are a specialist in making affordable yet high quality automatic watches. Arbutus likes to demonstrate its complex and technical prowess by creating an open dial and using an exhibition sapphire caseback to let you admire its inner intricate automatic movements. If you are looking for skeleton automatic watches, you should definitely give Arbutus a go. Here are our top 5 skeleton automatic watches from Arbutus!

The first skeleton watch we are going to introduce is the model AR904 from the Classic Skeleton Collection. This timepiece has the famous skeleton design but it is also made simple with the numerals on the dial. This timepiece balances simplicity and contemporary designs with the numerals of 3, 9, 12 and indices as hour markers. This ensures that the timepiece does not look too complicated and the main focus is still on the skeleton design in the middle.

The next skeleton watch is model AR1801 from the Skeleton Automatic Collection. The dial is built to look like the bridge found on movements and enhanced with coloured jewels, making it look lavish and lush. The skeleton design on this piece allows you to enjoy the mesmerising motions of gears at work.

The following piece is model AR1606 from Arbutus’s Dual Time Collection. You can most probably figure out what’s so unique about this piece from its name. Yes, a dual-time function on a skeleton watch creating a beauty timepiece that has an additional complication! Not only does it have a dual time function, it also includes a Day-Night indicator which adds to the look of this timepiece!

The next piece is model AR1902 from the Arbutus Skeleton Automatic Collection. The contrast of the blue perfectly blends in with the white dial making it pleasing to the eyes. The design on this dial makes the usually complicated skeleton design clean and sophisticated. This is the piece that will suit every occasion be it formal or casual.

The last piece is model AR1808 from the Arbutus Skeleton Automatic Collection. This timepiece has an uncomplicated cutout that reveals the mechanism behind the timepiece. In addition to that, this watch uses a combination of roman numerals and indices to complete that classic look. This is perfect for men who appreciate both the appearance of a stylish watch and the craftsmanship that goes into watch making.

If you are interested in investing in one of these Arbutus Watch, you can click HERE to make a purchase. You can also make an appointment HERE to view these beautiful pieces in real life.

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