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Friends of Claude Bernard - Valerie Alyson Azariah Lim


I'm waiting to start my freshmen year in NUS FASS!!

Things you do in your free time

I love to draw and paint! Other than that I like to play my ukulele or hunt for a new eatery - I love food.

Thoughts on Claude Bernard watches

I love how sleek and sophisticated they are! The piece I own is dainty , elegant and pulls any outfit of mine together. It's my current to go!

Favourite quote on time

" Time moves on even when we don't "

What do you admire most about your father?

I admire his resilience - my father is not one to give up despite unfavourable circumstance, especially once he sets his mind on a goal. I find that takes immeasurable strength and courage.

What is the most memorable action/event that your father done for you?

When he came down to watch my first 100m race in secondary school despite his busy schedule. It was a small gesture but considering how nervous I was running a new event for the first time, him taking time off just to be there meant the world to me.

What would you like to give or tell your father in return for his love?

I'd give him all of my biggest, tightest hugs - that's how I've always shown him how much I love him.

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