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Friends of Claude Bernard - Low Si Yu

Profession Student

Things you do in your free time Loves to travel, foodie adventures and looking out for new trends in fashion

Hidden talent My hidden talent is that I can do a few magic tricks with poker cards

Favourite things about Christmas Beautiful Christmas lights in town, being able to gather with my loved ones to feast on a sumptuous Christmas dinner and exchanging presents.

About Claude Bernard watches. I like how every timepiece are assembled in the in Les Genevez, Switzerland. Never a timepiece leaves the workshop without stringent inspection. this shows the quality control of the Claude Bernard Brand.

Favourite quote on time "Lost time is never found again"

Your Dream To be an entrepreneur of my own brand of products one day, to promote existence local talent worldwide.

If you can ask for one present from Santa Claus this Christmas, what would it be? Why? The biggest present will be great health and happiness of my loved ones. Them being healthy and happy would mean the world to me.

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