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Arbutus Exclusive Power Reserve

In our previous article, Types of Watch Complications, we have discussed the different types of complications you can find in a mechanical watch. One of the mentioned complications was a Power Reserve Indicator. It is an intriguing complication that is loved by many mechanical watch enthusiasts.

For watchmakers, a Power Reserve complication is more than just sticking a hand onto the mechanisms and having it shown on the dial. The craftsmanship in having a Power Reserve complication for a mechanical watch requires great meticulousness and skilfulness.

Arbutus is proud to have produced our very own in-house Power Reserve automatic watch.

Arbutus first built its completely new in-house movement by referencing Swiss calibre ETA 2824. The Swiss calibre ETA 2824, a movement found in many mechanical watches, is well-known for its accuracy, durability and reliability. Following the blue prints of ETA 2824 while using Arbutus engineering expertise and mechanism, the completely exclusive and new movement, created by Arbutus, is designed to provide quality performance.

The power reserve, built with different complicated modules, was then placed on top of the base. This exclusive movement that features a power reserve function is an Arbutus DNA and truly reflects Arbutus’ passion for watchmaking.

The design of the watch is sleek and sophisticated, ideal for a business wear yet casual enough for the weekends. The power reserve indicator is skilfully placed at the six o’clock position of the watch with a hand that scales from low to high power. A big date window display can also be seen at the twelve o’clock position for ease of readability. You can read more about the big-date complication here.

This Arbutus Exclusive Power Reserve timepiece is testament that Arbutus is always looking for breakthroughs to provide quality and affordable mechanical watches.

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