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World Heart Day

World Heart Day aims to inform people around the world that Cardiovascular disease (CBD) including heart disease and stroke is the world’s leading cause of death. The organization hopes to drive action to educate people about this situation and ways to prevent it from happening. It is also a day where there will be folks taking charge of their heart health by participating in activities. If you are considering joining them, you may want to consider having a watch that can track your activities, below are 5 of our watch recommendations to help you lead a healthy lifestyle!

Our first choice would be the Columbia Switchback. The Columbia Switchback has features such as a digital compass, thermometer, dual 24HR countdown timer, a calendar, 50 lap memory, 10 run data storage, and trackback technology that helps map your route so that you can retrace your steps. This is a good watch if you are thinking of activities such as camping, hiking, or even cycling! The digital compass and the trackback technology can help track your directions.

Our second choice is the Reebok Final. The Reebok Final is a mobile-connected watch through in in-built Bluetooth. It has a smart alarm, an optical or strapless heart rate monitor, and it can also track your distance, pace, and calories burned! If you’re looking to find a watch to accompany you on your runs or just to keep track of your health daily, this is the watch for you. The features such as the optical heart rate monitors help track if your heart is beating normally or if it too fast or slow. The function of tracking the distance, pace, and calories will also help you analyse your progression and it may act as a form of motivation!

Our third choice is slightly towards the plain and ordinary side. If you are looking for a simple watch that can track your timing, this watch is for you. The Reebok Nerd Warrior Black is a simple black watch with a timer function, this is good if you are not looking for anything complicated and you just want to time yourself doing the activities.

Our next choice is the Soleus GPS Pulse with Bluetooth. The Soleus GPS Pulse with Bluetooth has a GPS receiver, heart rate monitor, EL Backlight, night mode, rechargeable battery, tracking of distance, speed and pace as well as calories burned, it also has a memory of up to 30 Run x 100 Lap Data Storage. This is the watch for you if you are looking for a running watch to finish that marathon. Some of its functions such as the memory of up to 30 Run x 100 Laps can help you track your runs. In addition to that, this watch also has a function which you can set up to 6 interval timers to track your timing and you can also count your calories which can be stored and reviewed the next time you start your run to compare between the few sessions. The watch comes with a rechargeable battery and allows you to customize 3 viewable lines of data which can trace your distance, pace and speed and calories burned.

And our last choice is the Soleus GPS One. The Soleus GPS One has features like GPS, Night Mode, World Time, EL Backlight, 1/100 Second chronograph, and a rechargeable battery. It also has a memory of up to 100 laps. This watch is able to track things such as distance covered, pace and speed as well as calories burned. Its low profile case design is sleek and designed for comfort, this is the watch for you if you want to find a sports watch that is lowkey but does its job.

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