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Start Off The Year With Our Top 3 Resolutions

Let’s kick off the New Year to the right start! Many of us set many goals for the year but never stick to it. Take some time to reflect on the past year and identify areas for improvement. Keep your new year’s resolution simple, achievable, and specific. These are our top 3 resolutions!

  1. Get in shape and exercise regularly. Many individuals aim to improve their physical health by joining a gym, starting a fitness routine, or participating in regular physical activities. Monitor your progress with the Reebok Propel Smartwatch that comes with the following tracking abilities - body temperature, steps counter, sleep quality, heart rate, blood pressure and stopwatch. The best part is that the Reebok Propel easily integrates into your day-to-day life with these functions – alarm, weather forecast and call and message alert. This smartwatch also comes with simple daily goals settings to make sure you stick to your healthy lifestyle plans. Simple, achievable and specific!

2. Eat healthier. This resolution often involves making better food choices, incorporating more fruits and vegetables into meals, reducing processed food intake, and developing healthier eating habits. We know that dieting is no fun, so make sure you make healthier food choices without starving. At the end of the day, everything in moderation.

3. Improve relationships and spend quality time with loved ones. This resolution focuses on nurturing relationships, being more present with loved ones, and strengthening bonds with family and friends. If your love language is gifting, show a simple appreciation by giving a timepiece. A timepiece represents that special occasion and is an everlasting gift! Our suggestion is the Claude Bernard Slim Line in rose gold and brown strap. It is a unisex watch that goes with a serious workday or chill weekend. Best part, it is an affordable Swiss Made timepiece that is designed and built to last.

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