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Watches to Wear On Your First Date

Want to create a strong first impression during your first date? Dress up and accessorize with a timepiece that will show off your personality! Here is a list of watches you can pair with your outfit for your first date.

1. Casual Outfit

If you guys are just going to grab some food and get to know each other over lunch or dinner, dressing casually will be appropriate. A simple watch can add depth to your outfit and make it stand out more, it will also show that you care about time and the watch is not just there to act as a fashionable timepiece. The Claude Bernard Classic Small Second can be used as an everyday watch and despite it being simple-looking, its brown strap and the gold plated case makes the watch looks expensive.

2. Vintage Outfit

If you are those who follow the trends, you will know that Vintage outfits are the current trend. For those who love to dress vintage, you will need a timepiece that screams vintage to really bring you back to the 90s or even the early 00s. The Claude Bernard Classic Two Hands really brings out the vintage vibes, it can even pull off as a treasured hand-me-down from your mother! The roman numerals and the off-white dial makes this piece look antique and mysterious.

3. Formal Outfit

For those of you who will be going on a date after work or even to a classy restaurant where you will need to dress formally, choose a timepiece that is subtle but yet helps to “complete the look’ is important. The Edox Grand Ocean Quartz will help elevate your outfit to stand out from the crowd because of its triple lux horn but it is also lowkey because of the simple but formal black dial and strap design.

4. Sporty Outfit

If you and your date enjoy outdoor activities and will be doing an outdoor activity for your first date, you can consider the Soleus GPS Pulse with Bluetooth. This watch is the perfect companion when you are doing sports as it monitors your heart rate as well as things such as distance covered, calories burned. It is almost like a health application on your smartphone simplified into a watch form.