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Types of Watches for Unique Sports

These are some interesting sports that exist, and the types of watches we believe match these professions in terms of aesthetics and characteristics, along with some of the superior functions that can cater to their rigorous training. These are our top 3 interesting sports with watch picks!


Photo credits: Yukigassen Finland in English: Yukigassen already for the 20th time

Yukigassen is a unique and exciting sport that originated in Japan and involves snowball fighting. Although it may seem like a simple game, it requires skill, strategy, and coordination to succeed. I feel that this sport embodies the spirit of playfulness and unity.

Therefore, I believe that the Reebok Thruster black/blue RV-THR-G9-PLPL-BS watch would best represent this sport. Its simple design with intuitive digital module and cohesive colors, describe the sport best.

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2.Underwater Hockey

Photo: Underwater Hockey - CNN

Who knew that hockey could be played underwater? This unique blend of two popular sports combines swimming skills with hockey techniques, making it perfect for individuals who enjoy trying new things and pushing their boundaries.

If you're interested in underwater hockey, the EDOX Sharkman-1 Limited Edition watch is perfect for you. It is the official watch for Christian Redl’s freediving scenes with sharks in “Shark Rescue,” and was designed to raise awareness about saving sharks from human capture.

The EDOX Sharkman-1 Limited Edition not only embodies the spirit of the sport, but also has features that meet the needs of underwater hockey players. With a water resistance of up to 500 meters, players can even use it for parts of their training such as swimming laps and measuring their timing. Without having to worry about water damage.

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3.Ultimate frisbee

Photo courtesy of Triangle Ultimate/Brian Whittier - SAU Ultimate Frisbee

Who would have thought that a sport as relaxing as ultimate frisbee could be played competitively? If I were to pick a watch to represent ultimate frisbee, it would be the Reebok Nerd Warrior.

Its exterior is just as trendy as the sport itself, and it's comfortable to wear while exercising or playing sports. Plus, with a water resistance of 50m, you don't have to worry about potential damage from sweat or water.

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