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Top 5 Casual Weekend Picks

A watch reflects your style and personality and it also tells others that you are dependable and care about not only your time but theirs as well. Here are our top 5 picks for a casual weekend watch that can show off your different personality.

First up, we have the Reebok Spindrop Speed. If you have an outgoing personality and you like outdoor activities, this is the watch you should put on for a casual weekend. The gold and black interior and exterior give this watch a sleek and simple look. Many may think that the touch of gold may be too outdated but in fact, it looks fashionable and it adds a touch of sophistication to this timepiece. The silicone strap also gives off the casual vibe instead of the normal leather or stainless steel strap which may look too formal at times.

Next, we have the Arbutus Open Heart. If you are someone who wants a watch that is versatile and notable, this is the watch for you. This watch can be both formal and casual depending on how you decide to style it. With long-sleeved button-ups, it looks presentable and formal, but with a normal mandarin collar shirt, it will look laid-back. The open heart design is also a plus point to the aesthetic and appearance of the watch.

The next watch is the Edox Les Bemont Automatic Day and Date. This piece is for those looking for an unflashy watch that can be used for both casual and formal events. The dial on this watch is simple with just the time, day and date. The colour scheme of the watch is also very straightforward. This timepiece is perfect for a casual weekend as the design is not very complicated and its minimalist colour can go well with any outfit planned.

Our next pick is the Claude Bernard Classic Day Date Silver. Similar to the pick above, the dial of the watch is simple, it shows the time, day, and date. The dial colour is silver which gives the watch a clean look. If you are someone who likes minimalism and is looking for an unspotted watch for the weekend to match your vibe, this is the watch for you.

The last pick is the Claude Bernard Classic Gents Moonphase. This is for those who are looking for a unique and casual watch for the weekend to spice up your outfit. The Claude Bernard Classic Gent Moonphase is a watch with great aesthetics and one of a kind due to its moon phase dial which is uncommon in most watches. This is the perfect timepiece for a casual dinner date over the weekends.

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