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Top 5 Affordable Automatic Watches for First-Timers

Purchasing your very first Automatic watch? Looking for something uncomplicated and within your budget? We are here to recommend 5 Affordable Automatic Watches for First-Timers.

The first watch is the Arbutus Vintage Ceramic. This piece is the perfect timepiece for those who do not like a complicated design and is into vintage-looking timepieces. The white ceramic dial matched with the light brown leather strap makes this piece easy to match with any outfit and not too overbearing for the eyes. This is a timepiece for first-timer automatic watcher owners who just want to try out an Automatic Watch without burning a hole in their pockets.

The second piece is the Arbutus Multifunction Modern Classic. This piece features a white dial with numerals which makes it simple and plain-looking, but here’s the twist, on the dial itself it has a month, day, and date indicator as well as a day, night indicator which is not common on many watches. This piece is paired with a black leather strap which makes the timepiece posh yet mysterious. You should consider getting the Arbutus Multifunction Modern Classic if you want a piece that is not like the usual-looking watch and has unique features such as the day, night indicator.

The next piece is a slightly more unique piece. The Arbutus Power Reserve may look like your normal Month Day Automatic Watch, however, this piece includes a Power Reserve scale which tells you the available energy stored in the watch. The blue hands are a classy contrast to the white dial and helps to elevate the finishing of the timepiece. This piece is the one for you if you are looking for an automatic watch that is not plain and good for everyday wear.

The following piece is the Arbutus Open Heart. This timepiece is slightly different as it features an open heart which lets you see some part of the mechanics in the watch or the ‘beating’ heart of the watch mechanism. The silver dial makes the whole watch look polished and clean. The brown genuine leather matched with the silver case makes the watch look presentable and perfect for formal events. So if you are a fresh graduate looking for your first Automatic watch, the Arbutus Open Heart will most definitely suit you and your pocket.

The next piece is the Arbutus Dive Inspired GMT. This piece is your basic automatic watch with the hour, minutes, and second hand as well as a date window. It also comes with a black, blue unidirectional turning bezel and stainless steel bracelet. This is perfect for those who want an expensive-looking watch without the heavy price tag.

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