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Top 3 Watches To Gift This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. Are you still struggling to find the perfect gift? Why not consider a watch? It's a gift of significance and meaning that is also functional for anyone, regardless of their profession. Plus, there's a timepiece for everyone, so it's not a price-sensitive gift.

  1. Reebok Thruster

This Reebok Thruster watch is ideal for families or friends who are fitness enthusiasts who value style and comfort. The vibrant red colour not only adds a pop of color to outfits, it is perfect for bold individuals who love expressing themselves.

The lightweight and flexible rubber strap provides hours of comfort for the wearer during exercise, ensuring a comfortable and seamless experience.

2. Katharine Hamnett Dainty Classics

The vintage design of this watch is perfect for a date night or casual outing, giving it a feminine look. The stainless steel chain is encrusted with delicate crystals, adding a touch of sophistication. The dial is designed simply for a subtle yet elegant appearance.

The Katharine Hamnett Dainty Classics watch is a combination of a timepiece and jewelry, making it the perfect gift for any woman due to its versatility with any outfit and timeless appearance.

3. Edox Chronorally-S

The Edox Chronorally-S is a watch that was created to commemorate the partnership between the Sauber F1 Team and Edox during the Formula One Championship. This piece is exclusive and unique, as it is designed with the spirit of racing.

This watch is an ideal gift for those who enjoy racing or simply collecting watches. It will add an interesting touch to their collection or make a thoughtful gift for someone who prefers a functional gift.

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