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Top 3 Vintage Picks

The vintage fashion trend is coming back all thanks to the social media platform Tik Tok. People are now taking over their parent’s outfits from the 90s and making it part of their fashion statement. Here are our suggested top 3 timepieces you should own to add more flavours to the vintage look!

Our first choice is the Claude Bernard Classic Gents Slim Line. The simplicity of this watch makes the watch look clean and vintage almost like something we can find from the 90s. The leather strap adds to the overall uncomplicated look and this is definitely the piece you can consider getting to add on to your outfit.

Our next choice is the Edox Delfin Fleet 1650. This piece is a revival and tribute to the vintage Delfin timepiece collection released in 1961. The curved stainless steel watch face resembles the Edox Delfin released in 1961, this timepiece is probably the one of the more vintage yet modern looking watches out in the market. On top of all these, the Edox Delfin Fleet 1650 is limited to 300 pieces worldwide and that is what makes it more sought after.

Our last choice is the Hanhart Minos. Hanhart is known for their chronograph watches as well as its vintage looking watch faces, needless to say, Hanhart had to be on the list. The ratchet bezel on the Hanhart Minos paired with the light brown leather strap really brings out the antique look of this timepiece.

You can get your timepieces from Timepiece Atelier’s website HERE or you can make an appointment to view the watches HERE.

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