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Top 3 Minimalistic Watches

Minimalistic watches are a classical go to when one is too lazy to match a watch with their outfit. There is a subtle class to simplicity, an unspoken admiration when one can pull off any watch but chooses to settle for a minimalistic watch. Minimalist watches also showcase the quality and finish of the watch because there is just nothing to hide behind. The guilty pleasure of watches, the one everybody loves wearing most, allow me to introduce you to my personal top 3 favourite minimalistic watches.

First, I have for you the Edox Les Bemonts ED56001-3-AIN!

A simple watch suitable for a myriad of occasions, this Edox watch is the epitome of versatility. The sleek silver dial is not completely monotone either as the inner circle is beautifully textured, adding a layer of sophistication to an otherwise simple looking watch. The leather strap also elevates the classiness of the watch while keeping it a rather low-key accessory. It is also a quartz watch, guaranteeing accuracy and dependability, truly not sacrificing efficiency for style.

Next, I have for you the Claude Bernard Date CB80095-3-BR.

This watch makes up for its extremely simple design with the date function. A slim, dress watch that pairs well with almost any outfit be it formal or casual. The date feature is not the only thing bringing about the air of sophistication, the watch also runs off the mechanisms turning within, an automatic watch! A truly sophisticated tool of horology.

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to the Vulcain Golden Voice VU100117.008LE!

This marvel is a little less minimalistic as compared to the previous 2 but used of monotonous colours allows it qualify as a minimalist watch. This beauty has a simple grey/black theme and a beautiful dial with its hour indices jumping right out of the dial to add texture to the watch face. The watch also has a sleek leather strap which adds to the sophistication, additionally it also houses the iconic Vulcain Cricket alarm calibre which is on its own a much-coveted masterpiece.

There you have it 3 of my personal favourite minimalistic watches! If any of these interests you, be sure to check out our website Timepiece Atelier or click here to see more!

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