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Top 3 Chronograph Watches You Should Own

Why should we own a chronograph watch? A chronograph watch is a step up from your normal display watch, it has 3 main pushers, the start button, stop button, and reset button that allows the timer to function without interfering with the watch itself. Here are 3 Chronograph watches you should consider owning if you are looking to invest in one.

When you think of Chronograph watches, the first brand that comes to mind is most likely Hanhart. If you have been following the brand for a long time, you should know that Hanhart is well known for making stopwatches and chronograph watches. Highlighting the Hanhart Admiral, this piece was manufactured especially for doctors and military officers back in 1948 hence it has a very professional and vintage look. The white dial coupled with the black strap makes the watch look antique yet luxurious. This piece is definitely the one you should keep and add to your collection.

If you are not looking for a vintage piece and want something modern, the next piece is for you. The Edox Chronorally is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. This piece features a carbon fiber design on its dial and a rubber strap with tyre marks on it. In addition, the case back also shows a wheel rim. This piece is the perfect piece for race car fans out there or people who are adventurous.

The last piece is for those who prefer something with more protection. The Edox Carbon Chronograph looks like your normal chronograph watch but it has a pure ceramic bezel that is scratchproof and even when it is damaged, the marking on the bezel will not be obvious. This piece also features a helium escape valve that opens and closes automatically for excess pressure to escape with water resistance. If you are looking for a tough chronograph watch to serve you, you can consider getting the Edox Carbon Chronograph.

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