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Timeless Arbutus

Arbutus has long been producing stunning automatic watches at affordable prices. Their watches are true to their motto ‘Feel the style, wear the craft’. What Arbutus truly excels in is pricing their watches affordably while retaining exquisite designs.

The Arbutus Dive Inspired GMT is a classic design that can withstand the test of time!

The classical dive design is widely considered the most versatile design and is a favourite of many. It is plain to see that the watch is easy to pair with any outfit, with a design that’s classy enough to be respected and subtle enough to not hog the attention. This is one of my favourite Arbutus watches that everyone should consider when purchasing an entry level automatic watch.

Skeleton watches never fail to amaze. the Arbutus Classic Skeleton is truly a sight to behold with its skeletonized dial that reveals the movement.

Just a glance at the timepiece and you can see the marvel of it. The elaborate movement peeks out from the case giving the entire watch a very refined look and elevates the overall vibe of the watch. The genuine leather strap keeps the watch classy, allowing it to truly be timeless while retaining the stylish feeling the watch exudes.

Arbutus is always a good brand to consider when purchasing an automatic watch, and even more so if it is your first automatic watch or if you are on a tight budget. If any of these watches caught your eye be sure to click here to check out more Arbutus collections!

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