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Thanksgiving Gifts Ideas 2021

Thanksgiving is to celebrate the harvest and blessings of the past year. People give gifts to their loved ones as a token of appreciation. If you are looking for gift ideas this Thanksgiving, we have got you covered! Here is a list of watches you can consider gifting to your loved ones this Thanksgiving.

If you are showing appreciation to a female, one of my top picks would be the Edox Les Bemont. The rose gold-plated case brings out the elegance of the watch as it does not seem too old-fashioned or outdated. If they have a small and thin wrist, this watch will fit them like a glove as the case size of 28mm perfectly complements the size of your wrist and you will not have to be afraid of having a bulky-looking wrist.

The next watch is also for the females, and that is the Claude Bernard Classic Two Hands This watch has a touch of luxury and vintage as the roman numerals on the dial give off antique vibes. The stainless steel case makes the watch seem formal but when you pair it with the leather strap, it makes the watch a casual watch that you can wear even when you’re out shopping. This watch is also very small and dainty and it will make your outfit look more feminine.

If you are looking to give a simple watch to your loved ones, the next piece is a perfect choice. The Edox Les Bemont Small Seconds Handwinding is a plain watch with a unique feature which is the small second’s sub-dial. The case size of 40mm is suitable for any type of wrist as it is not too small or big. The case is paired with a brown leather strap which makes this timepiece look vintage and classy.

If the classy look is not what you want, you can consider the rugged look. The Edox Carbon Chronograph has water resistance of up to 500 meters and the best part about carbon is that scratches cannot be seen. The case size of this watch is slightly larger at 45mm and the rubber strap gives this watch a rugged and durable look.

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