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Reebok, the Smart Choice

Today let us venture into the world of smart watches by Reebok. In the last few years, smart watches have gained traction, and many deemed it as the disruptor of the watches. However, we found that different types of watches appeal to a different crowd. An automatic watch remains a favourite to many watch enthusiasts due to the craftmanship required. On the other hand, a smart watch appeals to an everyday wearer due to its abundant utilities and functions.

Fancy a lightweight utility packed smartwatch that still retains some semblance of an analog watch? Look no further than the Reebok Active Fit

The sleek simple dial displays several data, with features such as a step counter, heart rate monitor, weather display and calories counter. On top of being able to tell the time, this watch is the perfect company for anyone’s bustling life.

Modern and classy? Yep, that’s right the Reebok Relay Silver RD-RELAY-SILVER gives you the best of both worlds with a contemporary square watch face matched with a stainless-steel mesh band.

With a digital display, this smartwatch by Reebok has a futuristic design with a watch face that displays its many functions. Starting with the basics, the time, day, and date are all present, along with a heart rate monitor, steps counter, calories burnt tracker, a calling feature and distance tracker! Paired with the magnetic mesh strap, the watch gives off a ‘high-tech’ look. This smartwatch is a perfect example of a modern smartwatch with functions to aid you in your everyday activities.

These are the 2 smartwatches by Reebok and are all equally impressive, do consider them if you are in the market for a trendy smart watch to keep up with your busy lives! Click here to look through the Reebok catalogue on our website!

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