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Radical Reebok!

Reebok has always been about sports and to add to its repertoire of sporting attires, Reebok has ventured into producing quartz sports watch and smart watches. This does not mean that these watches are made to be worn during sporting activities, it is also suitable for everyday wear! With Reebok, you never have to sacrifice fashion or comfort while doing sports ever again! Check out my top 3 favourite watches by Reebok that blur the line between sporty and everyday casual wear!

The Reebok Sparkle Run RDSPRL2PBIBB2 is one of our shortlisted pieces for the active woman! This mesmerising watch has several parts to it that really made it stand out to me. The striking black dial and bezel pairs well with the strap giving it a nice dark theme. For a woman, you can never have too much sparkle! The dial is speckled with gold and hour markers that will make this timepiece every girl’s best friend for the wrist! The contrast of the white hands provides a functional read on time. Overall, it is a fantastic looking watch that does not compromise style for efficiency as it still serves its purpose as a fashionable sports watch.

Built for defiance and to make a point is the Reebok Renegade RV-REN-G2-PBIA-BR.

This watch comes with a textured warrior black dial that couples nicely with the red, giving off a masculine vibe that makes a POINT. The white hour markings and hands aid in reading the time. It also has a textured silicone strap that helps you stay comfortable while looking sporty. This watch is sure to go the extra mile and can pair with your sports outfits or casual wear.

Lastly, I have for you the Reebok Carbon X Navy Blue RDCAXG2S1IN1N

This watch gives off a “Let’s get going” vibe, with the striking blue textured silicone strap with a stainless-steel case and buckle. Kept snuggly within the glistening exterior is the lustrous textured dial with silver hour markings and blue numbered hour markings. Of course, we cannot forget the iconic Reebok logo in red sitting on the dial bringing the whole look of the watch together.

Now that we have finished the list, let me remind you once again, if any of these watches caught your eye, do not hesitate to shop on the most affordable and secure website for purchasing watches right here!

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