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Memorial Day with Hanhart

Today, we observe Memorial Day, an important day, and an opportunity for us to remember those who have perished fighting for our great country. It is of utmost importance that we honor their memory today with a brand rich in history, Hanhart.

Hanhart watches are made for pilots and has an iconic chronograph pusher that is painted red. The red pusher helps the button stand out to the wearer, in turn, it records time more accurately. It also helps to identify the right button immediately and avoids resetting the time accidentally.

Though a useful and thoughtful feature to paint the stopper red, the origin of it has a very personal story. The creator of the brand Hanhart, Mr Johann Hanhart, left for his duties as a pilot one day and saw that his watch’s chronograph pusher was painted red with his wife’s nail polish to remind him of her while he was on active duty. That was the inspiration behind the iconic red pusher and remains part of the brand’s legacy.

This is the Hanhart Pioneer Red X Chronograph, with the iconic red pusher and the watch is well known for its use of an automatic Valjoux chronograph movement. As a timepiece rich with history, the watch retained its retro pilot design to resemble the pioneer watches of aviation.

In conclusion, the memories of heroes will live on with us forever, and it is our duty to honor them with our respect. If the watches interest you, be sure to check them out here. We salute all those who have bravely protected their nation.

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