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Labor Day with NHC

Labor Day commemorates the achievements and advancements of labourers, and it is important to remember their contributions so as not to take the modern comforts for granted. Similarly, NHC by Vincent Calabrese watches has made strides in the development of its timepieces bringing about unique automatic timepieces sure to pique everybody’s interest. Designed and assembled by master watch maker, Vincent Calabrese, the NHC watch collection is definitely a timepiece that captures the attention.

One of the iconic timepieces from Vincent Calabrese is the Ottica. Inspired by illusions, it features a simple, minimalistic design with the jumping hour watch complication. This timepiece is created with a sleek black coloured dial that pairs with the industrial inspired stainless-steel case and bracelet. The ‘clean’ design of the watch gives an illusion of a simple construction but it is anything but simple, with the roving plate beneath that creates the jumping hour and roving minutes.

As a tribute to craftmanship and the intricate mind of the horologer, the Vincent Calabrese NHC BEAUTY-FUEL watch collection is the creative outlet for master watch maker to showcase his talent to its fullest.

This beautifully designed timepiece by Vincent Calabrese is the NHC Beauty Fuel 151. It stands out for the large white fan which shows the power reserve of the automatic movement that powers this intricate timepiece. The perfectly symmetrical sub dials allow one to read the day of the week and a second time zone. This modified automatic movement by Vincent Calabrese also showcases the date window at the 12 o’clock instead.

If any of these watches interests you, don’t hesitate to check them out by clicking here! Last but not least, let’s celebrate artistry, hard work and ingenuity with a great Labor Day ahead!

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