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Holiday Picks

With Christmas around the corner, many friends and relatives will want to meet up and catch up. Clueless if your accessories and outfits will be over the top? Here are 5 of our holiday picks which you can wear for any get-together!

1. For those who likes to dress up for special occasions

A gentleman can choose to go for the Arbutus Skeleton Automatic which showcases the inner mechanism of the watch and it has a stainless steel case which makes the watch looks sleek. This watch can make your outfit pop with the silver and gold details on the watch itself and the four blue jewels at the corner of the dial.

For the ladies, you can choose to opt for the Claude Bernard Dress Code. This piece adds a touch of class to your outfit with its polished stainless steel and bracelet strap. The dial is nicely decorated with sapphire crystal which makes the whole timepiece glister.

2. For those who wants to play safe

The Claude Bernard Classic Gents Slim Line provides a simple and uncomplicated look. The white dial and roman numerals make the watch look clean and classic. If you are looking for a watch that is minimalistic without too many features, you can consider the Claude Bernard Classic Gents Slim Line

3. For those who want to stand out

A piece that will stand out among the crowd is the Boegli Contemporain as it is not a common combination to see a musical wristwatch with an open heart to showcase the musical ‘instrument’. The outstanding thing about Boegli is that each piece plays a different classical piece and this particular timepiece plays Verdi by Aida. This is definitely the piece you should own if you want to stand out from the crowd. Plus its unique ‘bean’ shaped watch case is definitely an eye stopper.

4. For those going for a vintage look

You can consider the Edox Les Bemont Slim Quartz for the antique, but fashionable look. The gold-plated stainless steel case paired with the brown leather strap gives the watch an ageless vintage finish. The watch size is 26.5mm which is considered small hence it can fit most ladies who prefer to have a watch with a smaller case size.

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