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Halloween Picks 2021

When you think of Halloween, what do you think of? For me, I usually associate Halloween with skeletons, pumpkin, and the colour orange! Since it is Halloween, here are my top 3 picks for this Halloween Season!

For the ladies, the Arbutus Skeleton Automatic is probably the watch that screams Halloween best. The skeleton dial and bright orange genuine leather strap is what makes this timepiece stand out among the rest. If you are looking to get something unusual and to catch the eye of the public, the Arbutus Skeleton Automatic in Orange is the one you should get.

The next piece, the Vulcain Revolution GMT Automatic is for the man who wants something subtle but also wants to be part of the fun during Halloween. This piece will not go wrong with any outfit because of its neutral colours like brown with an addition of the orange stitches and indexes that replace the numerals in the dial. If you’re looking for a rustic timepiece to wear out on a special occasion like Halloween or just casual use, the Vulcain Revolution GMT Automatic is perfect for you.

The last pick is the Edox Sharkman II Limited Edition. Similar to the piece above, the orange is subtle and featured on a quarter of the bezel. This timepiece is more well known for its high water resistance level and has a limited quantity worldwide. The silicone strap makes this watch look casual and rugged. If you’re looking to join in the fun of Halloween but not go full-on Halloween mode, this watch is the watch for you.

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