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Gift Ideas for Christmas

Can you feel it? The Christmas spirit is everywhere! Are you still missing Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Or just looking to reward yourself? I got you covered with gift ideas that will make anybody curl their toes with joy! I would like to introduce you to our range of automatic chronograph watches.

Red and shiny is the button on the Edox Chronorally Chronograph ED01116-3PR-NIN, a watch that can truly match the festive mood!

This masterpiece is very flashy with a distinctive bright red pusher for the chronograph. Being an automatic chronograph watch, the Valjoux movement is without a doubt sophisticated and meant for the discerning watch collector. The design of the watch is also distinctive as it is inspired by motor car races! The hands are designed after the speedometer in cars and the caseback is engraved with the design of a car tyre. Truly a beauty to look at.

Another masterpiece with a red chronograph pusher is the Hanhart Limited Red X!

Ho Ho Ho! The Hanhart Limited Red X is the perfect gift for those who love aviation and the industry’s rich history. Hanhart’s legacy dates to 1882 and has been a major hit with their pilot chronograph wristwatches. The dial is designed to resemble the dashboard of a plane and the chronograph function serves as a useful tool for pilots. The perfect ornament for anyone’s wrist this Christmas!

Do check out the website here if you are interested in automatic chronograph watches!

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