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Fall outfit for him and her

Isn’t fall just the best season? Cool weather marked by beautiful colours with the leaves changing colours and slowly drifting down from their branches until they caress the ground. It would only be fitting to don a watch that matches your Fall outfit! Today I will be sharing with you my favourite watches that give the best Fall vibes!

One piece that fits any ladies’ wardrobe is the Claude Bernard Slim Line Two Hands CB20219-37RC-AIRR!

A simple and minimalistic design, this Swiss Made timepiece exudes regal class that’ll go with simple Fall outfits. Warm coloured, preferably brown, scarves, coats and sweaters all go nicely with this gem! This watch still looks good even past Fall and can be worn on multiple occasions, be it casual or formal! The rose gold finish adds an element of luxury to her wrist.

A brown-coloured watch that communicates that Fall vibe for him would be the Vulcain Revolution Dual-Time Automatic VU210130.197CF.

This timepiece is a little more dominating but is the perfect accessory for him this Fall! The darker tone and bigger case design help emphasise a more masculine vibe. The orange highlights on the dial opens more colour combinations for your Fall fit and exudes the warm coloured tones typically associated with Fall. Featuring a dual time indicator with the inner rotating bezel, the Vulcain Revolution Dual-Time Automatic timepiece is also the perfect travel companion for your holidays this Fall.

From simple to complicated, we have a wide variety of watches that can complement your Fall wardrobe! If any of these watches caught your interest, don’t hesitate to visit our website here to check out our catalogue!

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