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EDOX: Top 5 best watches for men

When talking about mid-range luxury watch brands, Edox certainly would be left out of the conversation. Brands like Casio and Seiko are the leaders among the tough competition of countless mid-range luxury watch brands. These brands have achieved such legendary status that people often associate their watches with luxury, affordability and reliability. Thus, brands like Edox who have a long heritage of making quality timepieces often get overlooked. Though Edox might not be in the top-of-mind for many watch enthusiasts, I think they still deserve a spot on your radar. So, today we will be looking into Edox, a little known and underrated Swiss brand.

Edox’s story began back in 1884 with a simple love story. It was first found in 1884 by christian Ruefli-Fluury, a highly talented and romantic watchmaker. He gave his wife a pocket watch that he had made for her 25th birthday. His wife was impressed by the exquisite gift and persuaded him to set up a company in Biel, a city known for its well-educated watch engineers. In 1990, He name his company Edox which means “measuring of time” in ancient Greek. The hourglass logo was officially used as a timeless symbol for Edox and since then, it has adorned all Edox watches. Today, Edox celebrated its 135th anniversary last year and forged a reputation as the “water champion” of the watch world, creating world- leading divers’ watches.

A luxurious and high-quality timepiece often means dropping some serious cash. However, Edox timepieces will not cost you top dollar. Their timepieces are in the $500-$3000 range which is pretty affordable considering the top-quality and high performance of the watch. The brand has designed and manufactured many high-quality Swiss-made watches for sporting champions of the sea, ice, and for racers to your everyday wear models. In this list, we have rounded up the Edox 5 best watches for men.

1. EDOX Sharkman III Limited Edition ED10241TIVBUIN

The EDOX Sharkman III Limited Edition was first launched in 2019. This watch is never released as a luxury product but as a serious diving watch for professional divers. It was influenced by Christian Reld, a renowned world champion free diver was known as the “Shark man”. He was the ambassador for the previous Edox sharkman timepieces. This rugged swiss made quartz chronograph watch has certainly what it takes to be an excellent diving watch for divers. It is made of lightweight titanium but still has an impressive water resistance of 1000m. It has a practical unidirectional ceramic diving bezel for marking time. The ceramic bezel also gives this watch a glossy look. It’s ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal and stainless-steel case back will provide resistance to the watch from scratching and fading. The dial will remain visible even in the lowest light conditions thanks to its indices and hands being inked with superluminova X1. In addition, the caseback is engraved with a shark icon and a message “Face your fears”. If you fancy a sporty looking diving watch, this watch will be a perfect fit for you. You can get this fantastic dive watch at S$1,425.00 Sale Price from Timepiece Atelier.

Product details:

Movement: Quartz Water Resistance: Up to 1000 meters Functions: Chronograph / Date / Screw-down crown and pushers Bezel: Diving bezel Material: Titanium Panel Cover: Sapphire crystal Case Back: Stainless Steel Case Diameter: 45mm Case Depth: 15.6mm Strap Width: 25mm Warranty: 2 years international warranty

2. Edox Chronorally S ED10227-3M-ABN

Are you looking for a handsome and affordable but not showy chronograph watch? If so Edox Chronorally S would be perfect for you. It is highly durable and it’s stylish appearance remains timeless. It will suit any men regardless of age, look and style. It is loaded with functionality, it includes a uni-rotating bezel for marking time, chronograph sub dials with dates and a tachymeter. Furthermore, it has a screw-down stainless steel caseback and sapphire glass to ensure durability. The caseback has also been specially embossed with the Sauber F1 car to celebrate Edox’s partnership with the Swiss Formula One team. It also has 100m water resistance and uses Swiss quartz movement to assure the accuracy of time. These features make this tough beauty a solid choice for an everyday sports watch.

Product Details:

Function: Chronograph with date, uni-directional bezel

Glass: Sapphire Glass

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Case Colour: Stainless Steel

Case Size: 44mm

Strap Colour: Stainless Steel bracelet

Water resistant: 100m

Movement: Swiss quartz movement

2 years warranty

3. EDOX Chrono-Offshore Automatic ED011143BUIN

This dive watch had been tested by the renowned Champion freediver Christian Redlset where he set a world record after plunging under a frozen Austrian alpine lake and the watch had proven to be the best gear for the iceman in his onerous challenge yet. The Edox Chronoffshore-1 Big Date Chronograph features a “big date” window at 12 o’clock and polished and distinctive details: a sturdy and sharply contoured case with a glossy black ceramic bezel that is scratch-resistant and twice as hard as steel, and prominent chronograph buttons. These watches are driven by the Swiss Ronda movement, with carbon dials marked by a giant-sized “1”, as a stamp of Edox’s official timekeeper status for the Class-1 Powerboat Championships, widely regarded as the world's most rugged and difficult ocean race. The case-backs of all Edox Chronoffshore-1 watches are embossed with a relief of the propeller Class-1 powerboats. This watch is one of Edox most durable and popular models.

Product Details:

Movement: Automatic

Features: Chronograph and Day-date

Bezel: Diving bezel

Panel Cover: Sapphire crystal

Crown: Screw-down crown

Water resistance: Up to 500 meters

Material: Stainless Steel

Case diameter: 45mm

4. Edox Les Bemont Automatic Open Heart ED85021-3-NIN

Now, let’s switch things up with style and elegance. Edox has forged a unique path with it’s Les Bemont Collection. The first Les Bermont timepiece was launched in 1998, setting the world record for the world slimmest calendar watch movement, just 1.4mm. This modish and elegant watch is extremely slim and has an open-heart display that allows the wearer to view the “beating heart” of the watch. It is made with sapphire glass and stainless-steel case to be resistant to scratches. The watch is paired with a black leather strap that feels comfortable on skin. Classic and refined, like the Les Bemont rage, reflects a love for Swiss tradition but with a modern twist.

Product Details:

Function: Time, open heart

Glass: Sapphire Glass

Case Material: Stainless steel

Case Colour: Stainless steel

Case Size:42mm

Strap Colour: black leather strap

Water resistant: 30m

Movement: Swiss automatic movement

2 years warranty

5. EDOX Skydiver Limited Edition ED801123VMNIBEI

Rumored to be launched following a Swiss colonel secret request in 1973, the SkyDiver collection pays homage to paratroopers and the extreme conditions they might face - on land, air or sea. It is powered by an automatic three-hand Swiss movement calibre 80, the 300m water-resistant EDOX SkyDiver Military features a diver’s uni-directional bezel in olive military green and a parachute motif-engraved case back. The 2mm-thick sapphire crystal will guarantee scratch resistance. The Superluminova X1 on hands and indexes give the watch a vintage look and readability in the most extreme conditions. The ‘Mercedes’ hour hand is a classic styling of dive watches of that time. Certainly, this watch performance will not disappoint any avid watch collectors. Like its mysterious 1973 predecessor, the 2019 EDOX SkyDiver Military is strictly limited to 555 pieces.

Product Details:

Movement: Automatic

Water Resistance: Up to 300 meters

Functions: Date / Screw-down crown and pushers

Bezel: Diving bezel

Material: Carbon, PVD

Panel Cover: Sapphire crystal

Case Back: Stainless Steel

Case Diameter: 42mm

Case Depth: 16.5mm

Strap Width: 25mm

Warranty: 2 years international warranty

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