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Edox: Chronorally-A racer gear

by Timepiece Atelier on Sept 17th, 2021

Divers, paratroopers, race car drivers, sailors, and other adventures- Edox has made watches that have accompanied humanity into some of the greatest adventures. In the world of motorsports, Edox has partnered with the World Rally Championship, Darker Rally as well as Sauber team in Formula-1 races to create the ultimate timepiece for racers. These races represent the most competitive and challenging that pushes many racers to their limits for excellence.

Edox wanted to create a watch that can take the pressure of speed. It must include split-second accuracy in the most extreme environments and housed in a watch case that can endure all terrains and conditions. Forged from the needs of the racers and the extreme weather conditions, the Edox Chrono-Rally is an ideal choice for rally fans and sports watch enthusiasts. It combines design and function to showcases strength, style, precision and technicity.

Housed in a 45mm stainless steel case, the Edox Chronorally mimics the dashboards of rally cars, while the rubber strap imitates the prints on a tire, giving the watch a rugged feel that you could slap comfortably on the wrist. The carbon fibre dial, which was inspired by the iconic checkered flag of the racing world, pays tribute to all the racers in the automobile racing world and brings athleticism to the watch.

The caseback resembles a car wheel and oversized push buttons are positioned, along with the crown, on the right side of the watch. Additional details such as the engraving of ‘start/stop’ bring to mind that of the stopwatch and the importance of timing. The Chrono-Rally fits perfectly and can be worn over a driver’s race suit, while the oversized buttons allow easy access through driving gloves. In addition, the crown is grooved for easy grip and embellished with the Edox logo- hourglass.

In the event that you get a little off-track, the watch is water-resistant to 10 ATM (100 meters / 300 feet). The glass is also made of sapphire glass which is extremely resistant to scratches. It is perfect for any extreme adventures.

Whether you are storming through the desert or just taking a leisure Sunday drive with the family, the Chrono-Rally delivers an exceptional, robust and dynamic sports watch experience.

Product Details:

Case material: Steel

Case form: Round

Height: 12mm

Diameter: 45mm

Glass: Sapphire

Strap: Rubber with tire prints

Dial: Black

Dial numerals: Arabic numerals

Functions: Seconds, Minutes, Hours

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